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Cabaret Management



Dance Accounting and Cabaret Management System

Key Benefits

  •  A complete solution for adult Cabarets, in current use with industry leaders across the country.
  •  Optional compliance with both U.S. Department of Labor and Internal Revenue Service requirements.
  •  Track everything that POS doesn't.

Some Features of ReportWare’s Employee Management System for Cabaret Operators


  • Allows charging of any percentage or portion of table dances-- even supports time sensitive fees (keeps more from those clocking in late).
  • Provides a way to maintain discount percentage on Dance Dollars.
  • VIP room tracking, linked to DJ list.
  • Table Dance counting via iPad-full iOS support.
  • Manage Locker assignments and rentals.
  • Track Taxi spiffs and even prepare 1099 for drivers.
  • Highly automated to minimize training of operators, demands on back office accounting staff, and provide system audits.
  • Time and attendance, mandatory breaks, sales tracking and hourly sales averages on all other employees. Monitor your payroll costs during each hour of operation.

Management features:

  • Password security, with multiple levels of access.
  • Tracks all employees, including entertainers, on a complete employee database management system that includes:
  • complete, accessible, information about each employee.
  • records of disciplinary actions.
  • photographs of employees.
  • emergency contact and medical information.
  • W-4 and I-9 information.

Ease of use:

  • Supports touchscreen and mouse use, with easy buttons, checkboxes, on screen guidance, etc.
  • Most users have daily input handled by housemoms or cashiers with few technical skills.
  • Multi-user and multi-platform capable (works on Windows and Mac).
  • Network and remote access capable.

Sample reporting abilities:

  • Track Dancer income, withholding, and advances.
  • Tracks and reconciles dance dollars, cash dances, and tips.
  • Timekeeping on dancers.
  • Dance count for any shift.
  • Dancer attendance.
  • Check all dancers who worked last month, but not this month (etc.), and generate a phone list to call them.
  • Drawer count for balancing table dance collections.
  • Track Licensing or Certification expirations on employees and dancers.

Additional features:

  • Complete Installation and Staff training is available.
  • Customization for each club with interface to most existing payroll software.
  • 24 hour/365 days a year toll-free phone and personal support.
  • Already in use at major clubs employing thousands of entertainers.
  • Many more features than can be listed here.

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Description SKU # Price
Base price CabMgmt $19,995
Add'l Seats FMP $500
Annual Support Sprt-CM 10%

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