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Biometrics for FileMaker



Biometric integration

We are the first to offer Biometric integration with FileMaker Pro!  Introduced to the public in February, 2003, we have a plug-in which supports a USB based Fingerprint Reader.  We have already deployed this with our HR and Timekeeping Systems and have good user feedback.

Key Benefits

  •  Security:  Only that user's fingerprint allowed for clock-in and out and for access to management functions
  •  No buddy punching, lost timecards, ID badges, etc.
  •  Supports Windows 2000 and later operation systems, including XP, Vista, and 2003.  Sorry--the hardware maker does not offer Macintosh support.
  •  Easy set up and USB hardware interface.
  •  Support for readers on multiple networked computers sharing same fingerprint database.

For FileMaker Developers

  • A plug-in for FileMaker Pro 4 and later. Also supports FileMaker 7 - 9.
  • Developed by, and formerly marketed through, Productive Computing
  • Full developer documentation and complete example files.
  • Thirty day money back guarantee.
  • Volume discounts available.


Description SKU # Price
Single User Package PCFP-Sgl $395
Call for Volume    

To purchase, or for more information, contact Productive Computing!

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