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Secure Dance Dollars



Secure Dance Dollars

ReportWare offers a fully integrated Dance Dollar add-on for its Cabaret Management Software!  This includes ALL features of our Cabaret Management Software

Many club owners have been afraid to offer Dance Dollars (coupons good for Dances purchased by customers on their credit cards) because of fear of forgery or employee theft or simply because Dance Dollar systems seem too complicated.  Those clubs that do offer Dance Dollars have realized the profit to be made from this added sale item by charging fees to the Customer, Dancer, or both, as well as making it easier for the customers to spontaneously interact with dancers.  Yet some clubs with established Dance Dollar systems have lost thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars to theft due to inadequate controls. 

            ReportWare has created a special optional add-on to its Cabaret Management Software that addresses these concerns and seamlessly integrates with our existing software.  Here’s how it works: 

            The Customer’s credit card is “swiped” through a magnetic stripe reader attached to our system.  The quantities and types of items to be purchased are entered.  We support sales of Dance Dollars in any denominations you select, plus Food and Beverage Certificates and more.  The computer calls your credit card discounter to obtain authorization for the charge. When the charge is authorized by the credit card company (and only after this authorization is obtained), Dance Dollars are printed on special paper stock.  Each Dance Dollar is individually serial numbered, with a unique checksum embedded for added security.  A bar code is printed on the bottom of each Dance Dollar.  Each carries text messages you select and may be set to expire after any number of days you select.  At the time of issuance, a computer record is created tracking who purchased each, who sold it, which cashier and terminal issued it and more.

             Dance Dollars are designed by you, carry your logo, and look however you like.

            The Dance Dollars are delivered to the customer along with a credit card slip for him to sign.  He can give the Dance Dollars to whomever he pleases. 

            At any time during her shift, or anytime before the Dance Dollar expires, the Dancer receiving it may turn it in for cash.  She may do this in as many transactions as she likes.  When she turns in the Dollar, its bar code is scanned, it is marked redeemed on the system, and a record is made of who turned it in and when.  This Dance Dollar may never be redeemed again, even if it is stolen or perfectly counterfeited.  Each Dance Dollar is only valid and subject to loss or theft while it is in possession of the customer or dancer and not your responsibility. 

            This system passes Dance Dollar redemption information into each dancer’s timekeeping record and gives you full wage credit for each redeemed (using optional Labor Law Compliance Module).  Full and complete accounting is done and you have management information and control beyond anything you’ve had before.  By capturing all of the above information, extensive reporting is possible:  You can see all outstanding Dance Dollars; identify who purchased any specific Dance Dollar, as well as who redeemed it; see how many Dance Dollars any given customer has purchased in the past month (or whatever); get reports on how many Dance Dollars expire without being redeemed; and more.  Anxious to know how many Dance Dollars customer Joe gave dancer Suzy last week?  The system can extract the information.  Suzy claims that Joe gave her 500 Dance Dollars, but Mary stole them before she could turn them in?  You can see if the Dance Dollars turned in by Mary were originally sold to Joe.  The possibilities are endless. 

            Our software and systems are in use at major clubs around the country, employing thousands of entertainers, and selling millions of dollars in Dance Dollars using our system.  We can also help you comply with the law, and make more money in the process.  Many of the top Adult Clubs in the US use ReportWare for Labor Law compliance.  We will provide you lists of references (owners of major adult cabarets using our systems) on request.

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Description SKU # Price
Base Price SDD $19,995
Add Labor Compliance LLC $2,000
Add'l Seats FMP $500
Annual Support Sprt-SDD 10%

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