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Specifications and Requirements



Specifications and requirements of ReportWare's Software

Hardware requirements:

ReportWare’s Software Systems do not use proprietary hardware (other than biometric readers or other input devices chosen by the user) and will run on commonly available hardware.  Minimum Requirements are:


Windows computer with at least:

  •  1 GHz or better processor;
  •  Windows XP SP3, 2003 Server, Vista (any version), Windows 7 or 8 (any version);  ReportWare has been fully tested under, and is compatible with, all final release versions of Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and Server 2003, 2008.
  •  2 GB RAM;
  •  100 MB available hard disk space;


For Mac OS X:

  •  Any Intel-based Mac;
  •  4 GB of RAM;
  •  Mac OS X 10.6  or later, including OS X 10.8

Additional Software Required:

Our software uses FileMaker Pro as its database.  For a single user, we provide a full runtime engine; for 2-5 simultaneous users, you will need FileMaker Pro software on each computer, with peer-peer sharing; for > 5 users, or heavy users, you will need FileMaker Server software.  If you don't already have FileMaker Pro, you may purchase it on the open market.  For more information about FileMaker, see www.filemaker.com

For Remote Access support, we recommend LogMeIn.  www.logmein.com   We also offer support via RDP, TeamViewer, and other products.  You must provide us remote access via the internet to update and support your software.

Network support:

This product will operate in a multi-user setting using TCP/IP networking. Mixed Macintosh and Windows networks are supported.  Remote access is supported using most common remote access products.


Any standard printer that works with the selected Windows or Macintosh system will work with ReportWare. To print attendance receipts for employees and operate a cash drawer, an Epson TM-88 series printer and electric cash drawer are recommended.

Software limitations:

Maximum file size:                     Limited only by available disk space

Number of records per file:        Limited only by available disk space

Max field size:

Text:        64,000 characters

Number:    255 characters

Date Range: 1/1/001 to 12/31/3000

(Every version we've shipped has been fully Year 2000 compliant)

Accuracy:        Numeric calculations done to 15 decimal places

Max Networked Users: 25  (up to 250 supported with additional software required)

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